Wine with Mommy

Wine With Mommy is a social concept developed for new mommies, by new mommies.
Come join us to whine with other mommies!


Wine With Mommy is a concept of Stefanie and Jonathan Davidoff. The concept enables new mommies to enjoy a casual environment with their babies with other new mothers and their babies. During the day, when the dads are at work, new mothers only have their babies to comfort them. Living in New York City, where space is so limited, we developed a concept for mothers to get together and enjoy one another’s company while cheering to a glass or two of wine.

The babies sleep, lay on the mats, or crawl around a private area, while the mothers can laugh and exchange stories and ideas with one another. We encourage only responsible drinking. Wine With Mommy events are not meant for mothers to become intoxicated, but just an opportunity to try new wines, meet new people, and relax in a different environment.